09 July, 2010

Oh The Inhumanity!!!

So our wedding got thrown off track and the drama that ensued made me almost want to get eloped. It really shouldn't be this hard. It's a wedding. A party. A celebration of love. WHY then must it be so damned difficult?

Sacramento Parks & Rec screwed up our application. Okay. No biggie. I mean I can still run through the park and get pics right? I mean who says the pictures only have to be take at the ceremony/reception site? I'm seriously contemplating putting my whole wedding party in vans or cars and going to cool places in Sacramento: the rose garden; the rainbow art piece at 16th and Q, the park in the same block, the capital building.... just neat pretty places. Why can't I have a bunch of randomness? That is if my photographer and wedding party is up for the running!

So we try to move the date. Not to close at this point because frankly the mess up is going to benefit us somehow. So we'll move it to September. It's when Adrian proposed and it just seems to make the most sense. But then people can't come! It's the beginning of the school semester. It's one of the busiest days in retail. There's a family reunion planned on a mountain top. Someone is going out of town here or has another wedding planned somewhere else.


If you can't come, you can't come! I'm sorry but with a wedding party of close to 15 and a guest list of 80 there's NO WAY we're going to be able to please everyone. So we pick 9/11 - the one year anniversary of Adrian's proposal. Then, someone who's not even COMING to the wedding, makes some comment about this being a sad day and we probably shouldn't pick it.

I'm sorry to be inconsiderate but 9 years ago 9/11 was a tragic day. And I'm sure that for some people, especially those who lost loved ones, it will always be a tragic remembrance. But I'm not one of those people. There will be memorials, sure. And some people will mourn the loss of loved ones. But I didn't loose anything that day 9 years ago and 1 year ago on that same day I was proposed to. SO that day has more positives for me than negatives so why shouldn't I schedule my wedding on that day - just because there is someone, somewhere, crying over something??

For a minute I wanted to elope. For another minute I thought maybe we just weren't supposed to get married. I just want to have a fun night with the people I love. I couldn't really care less about what day it is but the 11th just happened to fall on a Saturday.

So we set it. Take it or leave it. Come or don't come. I'm so damned frustrated with the whole thing it's absolutely ridiculous. We have the things we're planning and although I'm still stressing over finances that's a norm for me so I'm used to it. I always want to get away with spending the least amount possible but I have to give in for the sake of the wedding. And I will..... especially once we get moved and settled and I see that we're fine financially.

But for right now I'm not doing much wedding wise. I'll get fabric with Suzi, probably when she gets here. Maybe we can even finish making my dress before we move, who knows. I'll make bouquets and find bracelets once I'm back home. Until then, other than deposits, there's not much I can really do. Except focus my energy on getting us home for the least amount of money possible.

So the wedding energy is being put on hold. I can resume it whenever I want. For now I'm focusing on getting us out of here and my personal statement. These are what I believe are the two most important things right now.

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