17 July, 2010

The Institution of Marriage

Or whatever it is we're allowed to call it.

Florida doesn't acknowledge same-sex relationships. Which is fine because we won't be here much longer! But California does. They have a Domestic Partner Registry. I always assumed it would be similar to marriage: go to the courthouse, have a registrar witness everything, official seals, etc. Nope, you sign a paper, have it notarized, send in a fee and *VOILA* you're registered Domestic Partners.

We were really bummed about not being able to get married this month. Life as it is probably won't allow us to get to California by the 31st. And at this point even if we did everything would be so crazy that moving in, signing a lease, and getting married in the same week just seemed ridiculous. So we moved the date to September 11th, one year after Adrian proposed. So it's still a great date. We're excited to say the least.

Adrian was looking online yesterday when she found the information about Domestic Partners. We called a notary in California and gave her the scenario and asked if we could have someone in Florida notarize it. She said YES! So we're going down today to sign our papers to become registered Domestic Partners in California. The paperwork will probably be completed before we even get there!

Funny thing is (and we didn't even realize this yesterday) when we initially were looking at dates for the wedding we first wanted July 17th... it would have been our 13 month anniversary and the 17th is always a special date for us. But the Sacramento Rose Garden didn't have that date available. Funny how we're signing papers now on July 17th.

It's ironic sometimes how life works out.

I felt my positivity shift yesterday. We had both been so down and stressed about everything but I woke up and it was like *bam* I just felt this overwhelming urge to be positive. And I have been, and will be. I have a feeling we'll be heading home very soon.

And when we get there we'll already be "married".... or whatever we're allowed to call it these days.

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