25 August, 2010

Florida..... For Now

So the plans to move to California are being put on a hiatus for a while. Of course that will always be home to me and I hope to get back there one day. Right now there are too many things happening here that require us to stay here.

Adrian was involved in some family legal drama that needs to be resolved. The state of Florida is ridiculously ludicrous when it comes to old people rules and apparently, in this state, one was broken. Although its lame and there's no evidence. We took a 'plea' because the lawyer informed us we'd definitely be able to move. She lied. We can't move right now and I'm pretty sure the universe is telling us we need to stay here. We will be suing the lawyer and going back to court to overturn the conviction. Then we can come and go and live wherever we want to. THAT is worth staying anywhere for however long is necessary.

Also, I'm in the midst of my disability case. Moving constantly is only going to prolong it. Right now I need to focus on trying to find a somewhat regular doctor. Thankfully, here in Seminole County that seems like it might be doable. There's a health center that caters to low income here. And it's not government run. SO it should be no problem to get in. I cancelled my appointment because I thought we'd be moving. So that will be put back into place.

Now we're just house hunting. It sucks and I hate it but it needs to be done. We both want to have things again. I am by no means a materialistic person but we sold everything in preparation for our move. And now we have the clothes we brought and that's about it. We're sleeping on a borrowed bed and living out of bags. The pups have their crate but that's about the only thing we brought....

We have big plans. We know what we want furniture wise. Thankfully we both have very similar taste. We are going to build a life here and plan the move better next time. And we'll be bringing our life with us instead of selling it all just to get home. It just seems like a more viable option. Of course I'd rather be home - I miss my family and my familiarity. But this area of Florida is beautiful and I am comfortable here. I have my Suzi and we're making more friends. We will make the best of this and good things will come from being here in Florida.

I am more in love with Adrian every day. Her strength through all of this is astounding. I am so thankful to have someone who faces every day head on. It would have been easy for her to wallow in self pity and hide under the covers. And of course there were those days. But in the long run she's gotten up and fought every day. And we will continue to fight together. This situation, although not ideal, was one of the reasons we were brought together and has definitely made us stronger. We had to learn to communicate where other couples flounder. Of course we're not perfect but we're getting better every day. We have learned to be strong for each other and when both of us feel low we try to keep each other up anyway. Never before would I have envisioned myself coming to Florida, let alone staying here. But there isn't another option. My place is beside her and that is where I will stay.

The universe will bring me home, when it is time. Until then, I will make this my home and will manifest amazing things while I'm here.